In addition to upcycling the badminton racket for the bracelet pendant, we aim to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible during production, packaging and shipping.

Upcycling Wir recyceln geprochene Badmintonschläger
Verpackung Verpackung aus >90% Recyclingmaterial
#ProudPartner Wir kooperieren mit BadmintONEarth
Display-Karten ...bestehen aus zertifiziert nachhaltigem Anbau
Strom 100% Ökostrom für unsere Produktion
Versand Versand mit DHL goGreen

Our honest thoughts on the topic of sustainability

With the upcycling approach from broken rackets, we aim to produce products that are as resource-efficient as possible and also take the packaging and shipping of the products into account. With the donation portion of 10% of the purchase price, it is also an honest concern of ours to support the right organizations that bring about real change (albeit on a small scale).

At the same time, an honest perspective obviously means that our bracelets and key rings do not save the world and that they do not solve the immense challenges of climate change and socio-economic inequalities.

Then what is the point behind RELIX?

Bracelets alone do (almost) nothing. However, in addition to strengthening the badminton community and using the unifying power of sport, we also want to draw attention to the issue of sustainability in badminton.

From our point of view, this requires a mental balancing act between the personal approach of living in a more resource-efficient way and at the same time not giving in to the illusion that small gestures or just personal changes alone are enough. Without a consensus across society and ultimately restrictions on a social and political level, profound change cannot succeed.

What do you think of our approach? Do you share our views? Or does something bother you about it? What do you think we can do better? Write us! We look forward to a constructive exchange on this important topic.