RELIX uses broken badminton rackets and upcycles them into sustainable bracelets and keychains. We give broken rackets a second life and badminton players and fans the opportunity to show their passion. Right on your wrist or on your keychain.

In order to motivate the next generation of badminton players for our great sport, we work with real top players. Whether German champions, national players or international badminton stars from the TOP 100 of the badminton world rankings - with us you carry a part of their career directly with you.

Badmintonspieler Gründer Wei Ming Hauschild Relix

Hi! It's me...

Hi! It's me. I have been playing badminton without any long breaks since I was 6 years old. I learned to play badminton in my hometown club Blau-Weiß Wittorf Neumünster. And I have been playing for 1. BV Maintal for almost 10 years now, where we are currently playing with the first team in the 2nd Bundesliga South. Badminton has accompanied me throughout my life, taught me valuable life lessons and allowed me to make close friends. I am grateful for what the sport of badminton and the badminton community has given me and with RELIX I would also like to contribute to bringing the badminton community further together and making a positive impact with organizations like BadmintONEarth.

If you have feedback, wishes, suggestions or would like to become part of RELIX as a player or organization, I look forward to hearing from you!

Until then, I wish you a lot of fun on the badminton court and with RELIX!

Best regards

Wei Ming

More about RELIX

Why “RELIX”?

The background of the name begins with the idea for our products. Literally at the bottom, in the basement, where I had my favorite racket since my U13 days. A Yonex Musclepower 88.

I remember loving my first really good racket and since then I have had many memories of victories and defeats. No concrete memories to be honest, more of a strong feeling. It's too bad to only walk past it in the basement a few times a year. Starting point for the idea of ​​making more out of these valuable memorabilia.

But how did the name come about? In conversations with family and friends as the idea matured, we talked about the old rackets with the term relic. So an object that is much more than the object itself. In this case: all the memories, feelings and passion associated with the object - the bat. And a few thoughts and modifications later, the name RELIX (from English Relics = relics) emerged.

Badminton and sustainability?

Sustainability and badminton sports . Does that fit together? We don't just try to make our contribution by upcycling broken clubs. From production to shipping, we also try to keep our footprint as small as possible.

When it comes to recycling and sustainability, we are a proud partner of BadmintONEarth, who have been campaigning for ecological and social balance for several years.