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Relix Armbänder Upcycling

Because badminton is more than just the fastest ball sport in the world

In badminton we are never alone on the field. We are part of a large badminton community with a shared passion.

Let's stand together and help us do good together with our partner organizations.

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Together we do good

Together with our partner organizations, we want to use the unifying power of sport and work towards a more sustainable, better world.

Be there! With every RELIX product you directly support our partner organizations.

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What are your goals in badminton?

RELIX helps you achieve your goals with a dose of extra motivation on your wrist.

At the same time, we can achieve even more together and promote positive development towards greater sustainability and social balance.

You can find out more about how we can do this together on our social media channel on Instagram.

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