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Bracelet DBV Fan Club Edition

Bracelet DBV Fan Club Edition

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Bracelet with pendant made from the original badminton racket of a player in the German national badminton team.

Bracelet - DBV Fan Club Edition

This is the DBV fan club version of our fashionable bracelet. Wear a piece of professional sport right on your wrist. A player from the German national team played top-class sport with the bat.

The bracelet comes with a card from the DBV Fan Club Edition with the personal signature of the national player whose club the pendant on your bracelet comes from.

  • Authentic Pro Gear: Bracelets made from the national team bat.
  • Together we do good: together with you, we donate €5 of the purchase price to a good cause, the DBV Fan Club. In doing so, you support top German badminton sport and in particular the DBV's youth work.
  • Each bracelet is unique and is handmade in Germany.
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Show your passion - with the BLACK Edition


  • Upcycling: We give broken badminton rackets a second life
  • We will donate 10% of the purchase price with you to the non-profit organization Solibad.
  • Each bracelet is a handmade unique piece
  • Made in Germany

Badminton racket

We use recycled badminton rackets for the bracelet.


  • Bracelet closure and length: The bracelet has an elastic band and is comfortable to wear as well as to put on and take off. Before wearing it for the first time, you simply knot the bracelet and can then shorten the ends to suit.

  • Longevity: The bracelet is very robust and can also be worn underwater, for example when showering or in the sea. Wear it in everyday life as well as during all activities and of course on the badminton court.

Together we do good

Together we do good: we donate €5 of the purchase price together with you to the DBV fan club. As a DBV fan club member, you receive a bracelet from the DBV fan club edition free of charge and only pay the shipping costs. With your purchase you support the DBV fan club and the DBV national team.


We strive to make our products and processes as sustainable as possible. In addition to upcycling broken rackets, we also focus on reducing packaging material, using FSC-certified paper and CO2-neutral shipping.

“Only if we all act together can we achieve sustainable change.”

- BadmintONEarth -